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Welcome to transmissions 101!

I am the owner of Kimmer Transmission & Gear of Centennial, Colorado. I first started working as a professional automotive technician in 1984. Finding that I have a passion for transmission and drivetrain, I chose to specialize in the industry in 1990 and have been helping people make good choices about their automotive needs ever since. I decided to compile this information to answer many of the questions I am regularly asked. This page covers the basics – or transmissions 101 -- and then some. I hope that you find it useful!

Jeff Vik
, Kimmer Transmission & Gear

What is a transmission and how does it work?
There are primarily two types of transmissions, automatic and manual (stick shift). In a nutshell, an automatic does not require a clutch or a gear shift.
A good overview of automatic transmissions.
A good overview of manual transmissions.

Which is better, an automatic or manual transmission?
"Manual transmission (MT)cars use less fuel and give you more control over the car but are less convenient, while automatic transmissions (AT) burn (a little) more gas, provide less control but they are easier to use. It also provides lots of helpful details." Read more

Signs your transmission may need to be repaired:
At Kimmer Transmisson, we believe in educating our customers and giving you the tools to make intelligent, informed decisions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If your transmission is doing anything out of the ordinary, it could be cause for concern. If you are experiencing any issues, we strongly suggest that you heed the warning signs and get them checked out sooner as opposed to later. Just a few signs that mean you should be calling;

  1. Dashboard warning light is on or the O/D light is flashing
  2. There is a delay shifting into gear from park
  3. Unfamiliar noises while moving or changing gears
  4. Transmission seems to be taking off in the wrong gear
  5. Spotting/leaks left behind when parking or burning smell going down the road

Learn more at these sites, which do a great job explaining the warning signs of transmission problems:
Transmission Problems - 8 Warning Signs
Top 10 Signs of Transmission Trouble
How to Diagnose Automatic Transmission Problems
Diagnosing Manual Transmission Problems

Where can I get my transmission repaired in Denver?
Our Centennial transmission repair and replacement shop is easily accessible from much of the metro area, including Denver, Aurora, Parker and Castle Rock. We happily service all types of cars and trucks, both foreign and domestic. Whether you live or work in the area, if you believe you may need a transmission repair or transmission rebuild (replacement) please give us a call at 303-693-1400.

Do you do offer other auto care services?
Yes, we offer a broad range of general auto repairs, from brakes, to engine cooling, to timing belts, as well as scheduled auto maintenance. We honor extended car warranties and can often beat the prices of local auto dealers.


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